“Anger Issues”

The past year I’ve been getting angry a lot and I mean a lot! I don’t physically hurt people but I break things, smash glasses, plates, shout, scream, argue, piss people off! Why? I don’t know! Recently my “anger issues” have been so bad leading me to go to therapy. OK! So I just googled “Anger Issues” and it’s come up with emotional symptoms of anger-related Problems.. constant irritability, rage and anxiety are possible emotional symptoms”.

So here I am every Monday or Wednesday morning to see my “therapist” talking about crap! Giving and showing me ways to deal with my “anger issues” and how my week was. Let me tell you this week has been so shit like so shit! I have avoided doing my uni work or anything productive. I’ve just sat at home literally feeling sorry for myself! I’m not going to go through the crap I’ve been through and what I’m going through no one really cares or even gives a shit! I think one of the reasons why I am angry is because it’s not fair! Why do I have to go through this crap and pain like do I deserve it? Am I a bad person? My constant headaches and can’t forget these cool nose bleeds! I don’t think any of you will understand what I’m talking about but hey I don’t really care!

So! What’s good in my life right now? Lol! Urm… I think one way which helps me with my anger is exercise! I go running every morning which fucking helps! I do karate (hell yeah don’t mess with me), I swim and I’m at the gym pretty much every day!. If any of you do have anger issues I recommend the above things! Let me know how it goes for you! I’m a nice person really with a really good heart honestly! I’m writing this because I’m procrastinating doing my work! YOLO! Because that’s the motto I live by! Oh I enjoy watching Masterchef I live for Wednesdays! Joke I do have a life! (I don’t). OK! What else do I like about my life? Well I graduate soon (Again) what am I doing after? I don’t actually know! And oh I recently starting to this guy who is a crazy dickhead like me I enjoy our conversations (Alan) in case you do read this just so you know! I think I’m going to leave it there for tonight! Ready to talk about my week with my therapist in the morning!

Mariam 🙂


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